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Dec 31, 2023

Wilderness Encounters: Survival Tips in the Wilderness for Your Maiden Voyage

Wilderness Encounters: Survival Tips in the Wilderness for Your Maiden Voyage

Heading out into the wilderness for the first time brings the exciting possibility of seeing incredible animals up close. But it also comes with the risk of dangerous wildlife encounters if you aren't informed and prepared. Follow these key wilderness survival tips to keep you safe on your maiden voyage into the great outdoors.

Preventing Unwanted Wilderness Encounters

If it's your inaugural camping or hiking trip, taking measures to avoid unwanted run-ins is crucial:

  • Properly store all food and scented items in certified bear-resistant canisters away from tents if bears are active in the area. Lock trash in vehicles.
  • Stick to well-marked trails and follow all warning signs indicating animal habitats or closures. Don't stray!
  • Hike in groups of 3 or more, converse with your companions and attach bear bells to packs to alert wildlife of your presence. 
  • Respect wildlife by maintaining proper distance. Be extra cautious near dens or nests and never try interacting. 
  • Research the behaviors and signs of animals common in the park or campgrounds you'll visit so you can steer clear of them.

Handling Aggressive Animals: Survival Tips in the Wilderness

Here is how to respond to confrontational creatures you may encounter as a newbie:


  • Stop dead in your tracks and back up slowly while facing the bear if you meet one along the trail. Running triggers chase instincts.
  • Avoid direct eye contact, which can seem threatening, but help identify the animal while calmly talking to it. 
  • Make yourself appear bigger by holding out jackets. Intimidate an attacking black bear by yelling and throwing rocks or sticks.  
  • Carefully retreat and report any bold bear behaviors to officials immediately!

Mountain Lions

  • Hold your ground, wave your arms and yell at the cougar while maintaining steady eye contact. Back away slowly if it starts approaching. 
  • Never run or crouch down! Toss stones toward it only if necessary.
  • In an attack, fight back aggressively and use bear spray, trekking poles or rocks when weapons aren't available to showing resistance.  


  • Always keep your distance and leave an escape path. Moose injure more people than bears in parks!  
  • Watch for raised hackles and circling as signs of irritation. 
  • Use cars, rocks or trees as a barricade until the moose moves a safe distance away if it charges.

When All Else Fails: Essential Wilderness Survival Skills

If injured, lost or stranded in the wilderness:

  • Stay in one place and tend to any injuries if you get lost, then signal rescuers.
  • Seek natural shelter spots like rock overhangs or caves for protection. Insulate with dry leaves and twigs.  
  • Safely start a fire by rubbing sticks together or using a lens to direct sunlight on kindling.
  • Locate and purify water from rushing streams, not stagnant ponds, to avoid parasites.  

Let a friend or park staff know your route and expected return time. Reporting concerning animal behaviors helps keep the wilderness safe for everyone. Stay alert and keep these tips handy on your first adventure!

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