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Jun 30, 2023

The Ultimate Non-Toy Gift Guide for Active, Outdoorsy Kids

The Ultimate Non-Toy Gift Guide for Active, Outdoorsy Kids

Are you sick and tired of gifting cheap, short-lived plastic toys to active, outdoorsy kids in your life? Look no further! Here at Nomads Roam, we have curated the ultimate non-toy gift guide that will keep adventurous and curious kids engaged and excited for a long time. Say goodbye to flimsy toys and discover 10 of the best unique and durable gifts that will inspire their love for exploration and the great outdoors. 


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1. Walkie-talkies 


In addition to being a terrific way for kids to play together, whether it be indoors or outdoors, walkie-talkies are a great way for parents to communicate with their adventurous children when they are out and about. Walkie-talkies provide endless fun and safe communication during outdoor explorations and are the perfect outdoor companion for your outdoorsy kid.



2. Sleeping bags


A high-quality sleeping bag ensures that your outdoor-loving kid stays warm and comfortable throughout their sleepovers, camping adventures, and outdoor escapades, creating unforgettable memories of nights spent in nature. We recommend our Portable Outdoor Waterproof Nature Hike Sleeping Bag for Cold Weather Durable Polyester Sleeping Bag which comes in 7 colors! 



3. Hammock


Have you ever met a kid who saw a hammock and didn’t immediately want to try it out? Perfect for camping trips or backyard adventures, a hammock offers a comfortable and fun way for kids to unwind, read a book, or simply enjoy the serenity of the outdoors. Our Anti-rollover Nylon parachute hammock is not only waterproof but comes with a mosquito net making it the perfect gift for your outdoorsy kid!



4. Headlight


Just about every kid has been enthralled with flashlights or headlamps at one point or another. A versatile and hands-free lighting solution, a headlight ensures your adventurous kid can explore, hike, and camp even in low-light conditions, providing safety and excitement all in one gift.



5. Tent 


A gift that offers the perfect blend of adventure and comfort, a tent provides a personal hideaway for your outdoor-loving kid, encouraging countless nights of camping under the stars and fostering a lifelong love for nature. Teaching your kid to practice pitching a tent in your backyard is the best way to prepare them for their ongoing adventures. Tents for 1-2, 3-4, or 5-7 people can be found on the Nomads Roam site. 



6. Hydration pack 


Keep your active child hydrated and energized on their outdoor escapades with a hydration pack! Designed for on-the-go hydration, this practical gift ensures they can quench their thirst conveniently while staying active and exploring the great outdoors. 



7. Smart thermos 


Further elevate your outdoor-loving kid's hydration game with our 500ml Stainless Steel Creative Smart Thermos Bottle! This durable and versatile gift keeps beverages hot or cold for hours, making it the perfect companion for their outdoor adventures, from hiking trails to camping trips. 



8. Multipurpose compact shovel 


This versatile and durable gift is perfect for digging, chopping, and even self-defense, making it an essential companion for outdoor adventures, camping trips, and wilderness explorations. Give them the power to conquer any terrain and embrace their inner adventurer with this compact yet mighty tool.



9. Humidifier diffuser 


Now technically, this gift could be used both inside and outside. With this portable 300ml humidifier diffuser, kids can enhance their outdoor experiences and create a soothing atmosphere. This gift not only adds moisture to the air for optimal comfort but also disperses refreshing scents, allowing your nature-loving kid to enjoy a calming ambiance wherever their outdoor adventures take them.



10. Military tactical backpack 


Last but not least, equip your outdoor-loving kid with the ultimate gear-carrying solution - the Military Tactical Backpack! Designed for durability and functionality, this gift provides ample storage space and organization for all their outdoor essentials, ensuring they are well-prepared and ready for any adventure that comes their way. Whether it be a school trip, a family vacation, a camping adventure, or a backpacking hike, give them the confidence to tackle the great outdoors with this versatile and dependable backpack.

Say goodbye to flimsy toys and embrace the joy of gifting active, outdoorsy kids with durable and engaging alternatives. Our ultimate non-toy gift guide from Nomads Roam offers a range of exciting options that ignite a child’s love for exploration and the great outdoors. From walkie-talkies for safe communication to cozy sleeping bags, relaxing hammocks, and practical headlamps, each gift is carefully chosen to enhance their outdoor experiences. Combine the thrill of camping with a reliable tent, stay hydrated with a convenient hydration pack, and savor hot or cold beverages on the go with our smart thermos. Equip them with a versatile compact shovel, create a soothing ambiance with a humidifier diffuser, and provide ample storage with a military tactical backpack. Let these thoughtful and long-lasting gifts inspire their imagination, foster a deep connection with nature, and create unforgettable memories of adventure. As always, we hope to see you soon!

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